Creating a Soothing Sanctuary: 5 tips from Soho House's Chris Glass

Between building communities for Soho House and curing the spaces within his living gallery, aptmberlin, Chris Glass publically professes that he “occasionally sleeps” in his Instagram bio.

Antithetical to the all-too-familiar culture of superiority and celebra­tion of accomplishment, Chris’ skills lie in bringing the right pieces, places, and people together at the right times to create desired experiences - something that his role at Soho House has enabled him to perfect.

This curation of the experiential, makes him a learned voice to listen to in the unstable times that we currently face.

As many sit alone, or together, within their homes for extended periods, there’s no one better to advise us on how to transform our own spaces into a soul soothing sanctuary.

Regardless of the outcomes, Chris reiterates that “Self-care is giving the best of you, not what’s left of you.”

Taking the time to put into place some of these things can bring a sense of stability and creativity into your spaces, personifying them and rooting yourself into them.

And in amongst those rare moments in his life in which he does take the time to rest, he shares five tips to turn your home into a soothing sanctuary.

1. Clear clutter.
Purge anything that is not essential or that is robbing your space of peace. It could be paperwork sitting around or kitchen objects you no longer use. Commit to clearing the space and see what it does to your spirit.

2. Add light.
Check your light sources and be sure you are happy with all the wattage. And more, check for consistency amongst your ceiling fixtures and any table/floor fixtures. Lighting creates mood - and that can be disruptive when it's too moody or inconsistent.

3. Choose color.
Enhance your space with touches of color that delight you. Of course, you can go in so far as to repaint a room, but definitely make a start - even with something safer. Adding accent pillows or a new artwork celebrates a color, and with it, a feeling. Color is nothing to fear and in making small choices, you can open the door to endless possibilities.

4. Go green.
You don't need a green thumb to keep a plant alive - just patience. And what the plant gives you in return is so much more than you need to give it. Aside from beauty and oxygenation, they encourage you to pause, even for just enough time to water them. That moment of time is the gift that keeps on giving.

5. Make your bed.

Even if you are spending the day at home, creating rituals that celebrate comfort and care are essential to feeling good within your space. The visual of a kept bed is already comforting, but that feeling of peeling back your blanket and sliding under smoothened sheets when you're ready to turn in again is a special kind of joy.

As we learn to navigate what has fast been becoming the “new normal” Chris reflects that “We're all in different stages of this new normal. When people ask me how I am doing, I reply, 'Taking it one day at a time.' Being present, processing, taking what I can use and letting go of the rest, sharing, resting, repeat... One of the richest lessons out of all of this for me is the reminder that tomorrow is not promised. And in light of that, I CHOOSE to live today fully.”

Whether you are cooped up, or out there navigating tumultuous waters, time is a precious thing. Your outlook, and the spaces around you, can determine the depth of each moment.