Introducing Guests For Change


There are things that you need to hear, there are projects that you need to discover, and there are people that you need to meet. And we are here to create the place where all of this happens.

Without further ado, we warmly welcome you to Guests for Change.

closing the loop

As the discussion on climate change takes center stage, it is becoming increasingly important to open up a space for constructive communication to take place. Guests for Change is a webinar series on all things concerning a circular economy, encouraging an open conversation on what we are not doing enough of - CLOSING THE LOOP.

Every month THE GUESTLIST team will interview a variety of industry professionals, designers, activists, and innovators to join us as our Guests, where they will take center stage in an open conversation on circularity. Join us as we invite change-makers from across the globe to get real with us. We will ask the questions that no one is asking, with the aim of explaining the overwhelming and intricate topics surrounding circularity, and to give you a simpler and more transparent understanding of our industries and their efforts towards climate change. With the help of our Guests, we will explain the intimidating and the heavy topics, in an open and honest way, and show you what people are doing to bring proactive change to the world.

Photo by Noah Buscher via Unsplash

Over the years THE GUESTLIST has served as a collaborative hub, approaching each project as an exchange of skills and creativity. This has led to vast opportunities, even beyond initial thought, and has resulted in our latest initiative - Guests For Change. Our team, realizing what could be achieved when collaboration happens, further came to understand the importance of collaboration over competition as we navigated through the midst of a global pandemic. To continue to nourish and grow this collaborative aspect, Guests for Change was conceptualized.

We aim to create connections, start necessary conversations and cultivate an interest in a circular world. Our philosophy has always been centered around the idea that while each of us is here for a limited amount of time, our impacts are not. As such, we know that there is the need to bring about proactive change. 


Photo by Egor Vikhrev via Unsplash

Guests who are invited to take part in Guests For Change are recognized and appreciated for sharing the same values with THE GUESTLIST. The series will highlight what positive changes have already been made, while acknowledging the work that still needs to happen. It is a space for dialogue, honesty, and guidance from those who know. With its behind-the-scenes team of young, forward-thinking creatives and the wisdom of sage industry professionals, we tackle questions of circularity and sustainability head-on. From this cross-generational perspective - merging wisdom and experience with innovation and creativity - Guests for Change is driven by the intention of building a better future for all. 

Our goal is to be a platform that fosters circularity in all forms. As a space for collaboration, we aim to create connections, share ideas, inspiration, and conversations with those who shared our vision of a sustainable, circular future - and beyond.



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