TRANSFORMING FRANKFURT FASHION: AlteSeilerei Frankfurt, 20.-22.6.22



Within the framework of Frankfurt Fashion Week, the sustainable Hessian fashion scene is given new forms of presentation to showcase its innovative approaches. The team led by initiator and curator Christine Fehrenbach – an official partner of THE GUESTLIST, is focusing on matching fashion with art projections and dance installations.

The creative approach promises fashion in action, worn by dancers. Through the immersive art installation and the presentation on the body, the environmentally conscious intentions of the various fashion designers are brought to life. Fashion consumers are invited to get to know this consciously thinking fashion and creative industry in order to make a difference together.

We are very much looking forward to the three days full of sustainable fashion from Hessen as well as the varied form of presentation. Transforming Frankfurt Fashion is part of the official programme of Frankfurt Fashion Week 2022.