THE GUESTLIST X Anna von Griesheim | Salve
THE GUESTLIST X Anna von Griesheim | Salve
THE GUESTLIST X Anna von Griesheim | Salve

THE GUESTLIST X Anna von Griesheim | Salve

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100% Merino Superfine Wool scarf and hat


Inspired by Roman antiquity, the scarf is made in a traditional, sustainable way. With its greeting: Salve! (Latin: Welcome!/ Be well!) we recall our tradition and the history of our civilization. In it resounds the importance of the protection and freedom of each individual.

  • One Size
  • Fits to size 
    • 100% Merino Superfine Wool
    • Doubleface wearable on both sides
    • Stone/ beige
    • Uni-Sex
    • The dimensions of the scarf: 180x30cm
    • Hand wash 
    • Made in Germany

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