Caring for your Cashmere
part 1

Investing in a piece of knitwear made from cashmere is a timeless experience. Indeed, it can be seen as one of the ultimate investments in beauty, comfort and luxury.

As with all great investments, cashmere needs to be cared for and nurtured so that it may be enjoyed year after year. The allure of it, by nature, is that it cannot simply be tossed in with the rest of your laundry. Coveted for many years by noblemen and royals, cashmere needs to be granted attention and handled deliberately, so as to preserve it in all of its glorious cozy comfort.


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Along with the appeal of cashmere, comes the mystery behind how best to care for it. Often questions arise after the purchase of a cashmere garment, such as, “How do I care for my cashmere?” or “How do I wash cashmere?” and “Can I machine-wash cashmere?” 

To demystify the laundering of your favorite luxurious knitwear, THE GUESTLIST has not only developed the Cashmere Spa as a service to put circularity into practice and focus on reviving and rejuvenating your beloved pieces - we’ll also take you through a simplified approach to caring for your beloved pieces.

This is the first of two write-ups that assist you with this endeavor, the second part of this series can be found here.  

Storing your cashmere - between wears


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To keep your knitwear in shape, it is recommended that instead of hanging it up, it is best to instead keep it folded. 

Between wears, fold your cashmere knit, and store it in a dry place - either placing it on a shelf in a cupboard, or in a chest of drawers. Be sure to keep it away from anything that could snag or catch onto its threads, any sources of heat or direct sunlight - as these are all factors that could damage your garment. 

If hangers are your preference, selecting hangers that are rounded off the end, in a semi-circle shape, with non-slip properties - either through grooves or from a textured or fabric overlay - will be your best option.

Insider’s tip - there is also a hybrid between hanging and folding that costume designers invented to keep designer-wear in the best condition possible.

This form of “sweater origami” can be learned easily, and is quite simple once you get the hang of it - pun intended. Fold the sweater in half, lengthwise, then lay the hanger on the top, so that the hook is in the armpit of the garment. Folding the sleeves and the body over the hanger itself ensures that the garment itself lies securely, without resulting in the indent of the hanger on the shoulders.

Storing your cashmere - between seasons

In between seasons, for longer periods of storage, it is advisable to make sure that you store garments in such a way that it is ready to wear again when the next season comes along. To prepare them for this, thoroughly clean your cashmere. This prevents any unwanted attention from clothes moths. A professional clean, especially one from THE GUESTLIST’s  Cashmere Spa is preferable in this regard, as it is effective in deterring them.

Store your garments inside a breathable bag, in a dark space that is free from dampness - such as a wardrobe, a shelf, drawer, or closet. As differences in the ambient temperatures over a period of time do occur, it is advised to open the bag every three months at least, so as to prevent the buildup of moisture or mildew. Furthermore, when storing cashmere, adding a couple of cedar-wood balls to the bag can deter moths, mildew or moisture from building up on your clothing.


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To remove creases from cashmere, it is best to make sure that it is dry first, and turned inside-out. You can then steam it gently with a hand-held steamer, while it is laid flat with a towel placed beneath it. Alternatively, you can turn your garment inside-out, place a damp cloth between the fabric and the iron, and then use the iron on a low heat setting. 

Remove Creases from Cashmere

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Drying out wet cashmere

As cashmere is so delicate when wet, it is advised to treat it very gently and carefully so as not to damage or distort it. In light of this, you will need some towels to help dry it out. You can lay it out flat on a clean, dry towel, and then place another clean, dry towel flat on top of it. Roll the towels loosely, end-to-end, like you were rolling up a layered Swiss-roll with filling. Apply some gentle pressure to it, so that excess moisture can be absorbed by the towels. Unroll it, and lay it flay on another clean, dry towel, reshaping it if necessary. You can then air dry it on a drying rack that is away from direct sunlight or sources of heat, being sure to turn it over and replacing the towel with another clean and dry one as you turn it. 

Find out more about how to care for your cashmere, and make use of the Cashmere Spa  services to ensure that your investments are taken care of for as long as possible, in the best ways possible.