Immersive experience of circularity part 1: the cashmere spa

It is well known that spa treatments are invigorating, de-stressing, and stimulating in the most relaxing of ways. Similar to the exfoliation, subtle cleansing, and overall rejuvenation that you would expect from a five-star spa experience, THE GUESTLIST’s Cashmere Spa does the same for your cherished cashmere pieces. Formulated in an effort towards creating a circular economy, the Cashmere Spa was created by THE GUESTLIST’s CEO, Anton Schumann.

Image by Nynne Schrøder from Unsplash

With a diverse background in the textile industry, Schumann realized the need to not only honor the practices of sustainability, but also the invaluable importance of circularity. At the end of each season, our clients, and those of our partners, are invited to send their cashmere pieces to THE GUESTLIST’s Cashmere Spa. Here, their threads are pampered, revitalized, and rejuvenated. After this special treatment, their cashmere pieces are then returned to them in a condition that is as close to its original state as possible.

“This initiative reduces the unnecessary production and purchasing of excess amounts of cashmere each season, while prolonging the longevity of the pieces produced,” highlights Schumann. Special pieces require extra special care, and these are the steps involved in the Cashmere Spa servicing. 


Upon arrival, the garment is carefully unfolded and laid out. Then, it is thoroughly inspected to create a customized treatment plan. This process involves going over it with a keen eye, and a fine-toothed comb, so to speak. Once it has been examined, its customized care process can begin, but not before adhering to strict standards of hygiene. Our standards require that the garment is placed in refrigerated quarantine for 2 weeks; to kill bacteria and protect our workers and factory facilities. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema from Unsplash

Once taken out of its 14 day quarantine, all holes, meshes, or other damages are repaired. The mending is meticulous and methodical, and is completed by our highly trained and specially-skilled staff. Each piece undergoes a shaving treatment by hand, removing any pilling of the fabric, to make it look as good as new - as even the best quality cashmere can be expected to undergo an amount of pilling due to the friction of wear. This is most expected in areas where the loose fibers are rubbed against the knitwear’s surface - making elbow-areas, under the arms and along the shoulders most susceptible. Even if there is no visible pilling on the garment, the garment is still combed out, removing any pilling that may soon lead to pills forming in the future. This technique tends to result in smoother and softer cashmere over time.


Image by Charles Deluvio from Unsplash

From here, the piece is washed in an exceptionally gentle manner, abiding by the item’s specific care instructions. Every care is taken not to rub, twist or wring the garment at all - these are set aside in favor of tepid water temperatures and exceptionally deliberate handling. When dried, the garment is reshaped as is needed, to ensure that its original dimensions are regained and maintained as closely as possible. Following the wash cycle, steaming is done by hand, killing off any bacteria that the item might have picked up. After a final inspection, the item is then packed and sent back to its owner, ready to be worn and loved again, having been fully pampered at the Cashmere Spa

Like all of the best things in life, your clothing will improve over time if cared for properly. Focusing more on the longevity of an item of clothing requires a shift in paradigm and approach to textiles - one that THE GUESTLIST makes its mission to contribute to creating.