We at THE GUESTLIST believe that business and sustainability go hand-in-hand. “It is a given” that these are inseparable factors essential for growth, leading to long-term success. 

Our success is determined by our sustainable growth within the fashion industry. We supply our customers with quality eco-fashion pieces, ensuring that each garment can be kept and restored to last a lifetime. 

In order to produce garments of supreme quality, it is important that the materials we source are ecologically safe to our environment, benefitting not only the environment as a whole - but also all those who have a hand in their manufacturing processes. 

Our fibers come from herds that are bred to produce the finest & thickest cashmere. Herders are incentivized to keep herd numbers low, steadily improving their herd’s yield, and overall exerting less pressure on the land. We purchase the yarns for our garments only from suppliers that pay a premium to uphold these standards, which were developed with the University of Camerino, one of the most accredited Italian institutions for animal welfare. 


    With our Code of Conduct, which is also an essential part of purchasing contracts, & THE GUESTLIST set a standard for supply chain partners. It is a given that we only collaborate with vendors which meet the required social, environmental and of course occupational health and safety standards. We not only expect this from our direct supplier to strictly adhere to our standards – we expect this from the entire supply chain because it is simply a given. Within our sustainability strategy we follow the UN Sustainability Goals 2030 because we believe in the global sustainable agenda as set forth by the United Nations.


    All our vendors and their subcontractors shall adopt and strictly adhere to rules andconditions related to employment which respect workers rights under national andinternational labor laws and social security regulation.


    It is essential that suppliers and their corresponding subcontractors provide a safe and hygienic work environment where all possible precautions have been taken in order to avoid workplace accident and to promote best practice occupational health and safety conditions.


    Under no circumstances our suppliers and their corresponding subcontractors are allowed to employ anyone below the age of 15 years of age or the employment age with is set forth in national/local legal minimum age requirements or the age defined for completing compulsory education. Whichever is higher out of these three pre-conditions needs to be strictly followed.


    THE GUESTLIST will not tolerate any kind of corruption within its global supply chain nor in its own operations. THE GUESTLIST receives the right to cease business with any organization found in violation of the Code of Conduct.


    Supplier and their corresponding subcontractors are not allowed to use any kind of forced labor including prison labor, indentured labor or bonded labor. THE GUESTLIST will not tolerate harassment, corporal punishment and physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse in its supply chain.


    Employees from our suppliers and their corresponding subcontractors must beguaranteed the right to join unions or any other industry related association as wellas to bargain collectively without any fear of harassment, interference and/orretaliation.


    Every worker within THE GUESTLIST supply chain has the right to compensation for a regular work week that is sufficient to meet the worker’s basic needs and provide some discretionary income. That’s a given for THE GUESTLIST. Employers shall at least pay the minimum wage or the appropriate prevailing wage, whichever is higher, and comply with all legal requirements on wages and shall provide any other benefit which is required by law or contract. Where compensation does not meet workers’ basic needs and provide some discretionary income, each employer shall work with their relevant stakeholders to take appropriate actions that seek to progressively reach a level of compensation that does meet the requirements.


    The protection of the Environment has a high priority for THE GUESTLIST. All suppliers and their corresponding subcontractors shall respect national environmental protection legislations and existing industry standards; whichever is higher shall be taken into account. All suppliers and their subcontractors must measure their impact on the environment and progressively reduce.


    All employees shall be treated with respect and equality regardless of their age, religion, gender, marital status, disability, pregnancy, nationality, race, political views, ethnic origin or sexual orientation.


    THE GUESTLIST will not tolerate any kind of corruption within its global supply chain nor in its own operations. THE GUESTLIST receives the right to cease business with any organization found in violation of the Code of Conduct.


    The global textile industry is responsible for the pollution of 20 % of the wastewater. Though we do not see ourselves as a supporter of the Fast Fashion industry while our products are made to last, we have to use certain chemicals within the production process in order to make sure that requirements are met to deliver the desired quality. Whether dyeing chemicals or any other chemicals within the production process THE GUESTLIST requires from its global suppliers that only chemicals are used which fully comply to the ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List in order to make sure, that these chemicals do not end up in the wastewater contributing to the global pollution by the textile manufacturing. Our products are frequently tested according to the AFRIM Restricted Substances List . In case non-compliance to the above standards is been detected, we will take immediate action together with our supplier in order to identify the root cause and look for solutions.

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