Jennifer Joanou

Designer of Jennifer Joanou New York for THE GUESTLIST

Jennifer Joanou’s work is a culmination of more than 25 years as an artist

A graduate in Fashion Design from Otis College of  Art and Design, Jennifer Joanou’s work began when she was a teenager and sewed her own clothes. It continued in her early 20’s, when she became a prominent Los Angeles designer. 

Her women’s wear was popular with Hollywood studio executives, and was sold in Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman  and Fred Segal. In 2004, she began creating art journals and altered books that incorporate her love of personal expression with all of her past mediums, including fabric, photography, paper and paint.

Having a family led Jennifer to a more intimate and practical way of expressing her creativity, delving into visual journals and fine art. In 2005 she discovered Visual Journaling, combining imagery and text in the form of a book. She took this opportunity to explore her internal world. This practice led to her producing many journals.  

Jennifer’s creative process within her visual journaling begins with words on a page, but that is just the first step. By the time she is done, the words may no longer be visible - a subtle foundational layer that lays the basis for everything that would come next. This medium has become a form of artistic tunneling. It starts with written words, which then guide the way to her unconscious. Each creation is another chapter in her mind, captured at a particular moment. The resulting process becomes as precise as it is free form - a theme that can be seen in her designs for THE GUESTLIST  too.


The Vineyard Gazette describes her studio as “a study in neatness. On her desk are several coffee mugs filled with clean paint brushes, sharpened pencils, spotless rulers. Nearby is a sewing machine and several bright orange external hard drives. In the closet are stacks of clear storage bins, each labeled and within reach at a moment’s notice: maps, glitter, postcards, matchboxes, wire, playing cards.” 

For Jennifer, fashion design specifically is never just about the clothes, it is about a lifestyle. She looks for functionality, ease, and comfort through her pieces - focusing on tailored key items made out of the most luxurious materials: only Fibre Nobili cashmere, as well as extremely soft cashmere-silk blends are used. Working with THE GUESTLIST  has presented her with the golden opportunity to merge her first love of fashion, the free-flowing creativity she uncovered in journaling and creating fine art.

BEAUTIFULLY SOFT STAPLES highlighted by wearability

Beautifully soft staples like the JENNIFER JOANOU New York Murray, Bank, and Moore Sweaters encapsulate the effortlessness of luxury. While pieces like her Barrow Pants, Jones Crew Neck Sweater, Gotham Blanket, and Jane The JJ Eye Sweater integrate her trademark JJ Eye logo into their design.

The JJ Eye logo has many meanings for Jennifer, who thinks of it as a way to ward off negativity, while also representing the 3rd eye - which is our intuition. Some of the designs incorporating this eye are bold pieces, while others integrate the symbolism in more understated ways - through lace detailing for example.

Created from in double-faced, 100% Fiber Nobili washed cashmere, you won't want to take it off.

Wearability is highlighted by pieces like the Canal Crew Neck Sweater, made from a cashmere-silk blend that is so soft and comfortable that you will be forgiven for wanting one of these in every color, to layer under sweaters or coats. The fit skims the body, not too tight, but just right. 

Again, aiming for comfort and wearability, the Warren Blazer appears as a blazer, but feels like a sweater. Created from double-faced, 100% Fiber Nobili washed cashmere, you won't want to take it off. Encompassing functionality, it is perfect for travel - the idea being that you just roll it up in your bag and throw it on when you wish to look put together.

Discover more from the JENNIFER JOANOU NEW YORK FALL/WINTER 2019 Collection below.



Jane The JJ Eye Sweater Sweater THE GUESTLIST