Soulfully Beruhigend - Teemarken, um Ihre Geschmacksknospen zu kitzeln

Soulfully soothing - tea brands to tickle your tastebuds

Other than a lusciously long bubble bath, a mindful meditation practice, or perhaps a trip to your favorite sustainable spa, there’s nothing more soothing than a cup of tea. 

Ritualistic in experience, pouring a cup for yourself and letting the radiating warmth steep from the mug through your hands has the ability to calm your nerves in moments of unrest. Likewise, there is an unmatched, certain comfort in a loved one boiling the kettle and brewing you a pot of your favorite tea. 

Surpassing boundaries of countries and cultures, the importance of tea ranges from a simple pick-me-up drink to highly intricate and complex ceremonies. Rooted in Chinese culture, there has always been a belief that different varieties of tea can alleviate ailments - indeed, it is well known that the health benefits of tea form an expansive area of interest. 

Oolong tea has been found to ease  the side effects of stress, such as headaches and body stiffness, while black tea has been shown to reduce stress  hormone levels. The risk of developing depression and dementia could even be lowered by drinking only half a cup of green tea a day. 

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At the end of the day (or first thing in the morning for some), the best way to warm up, and wind down, is by sipping on your cup of liquid comfort - an indulgence enjoyed by Chris Glass and Tina Harf. In honor of World Mental Health Day, here are some of the world’s finest tea brands.


Photo from TWG Tea

Established in Singapore in 2008 TWG Tea (The Wellbeing Group) is known as one of the most luxurious tea brands globally. Each year, TWG Tea tasters travel across the globe to sample the finest of teas. This translates into the more than 1,000 single-estate and exclusive blend teas on offer by the brand, making them the home of the largest tea collection in the world. 

TWG Tea takes the concept of a tea table to the next level with their tea-infused patisseries (think Earl Grey Chocolate Cake and Macarons with tea-infused ganache) and delicacies (think Geisha Blossom Tea Jelly and Lemon Bush Tea Shortbread Cookies). And to complement the luxurious experience of an afternoon tea, TWG Tea’s Accessories range offers a tea-set decorated with gold-inflected crystal and hand-painted hues.  

Indulge in a pot of their freshly brewed Yellow Gold Tea Buds, from a TWG Tea fine bone china teacup. Each of these tea buds is lavished in 24-karat gold and delicately infused to form metallic and floral notes, making for a truly unforgettable experience that can be indulged in for $2645.00 per 250g.

Photo from TWG Tea

TWG Tea uses environmentally friendly packaging composed of recyclable cartons and tins. Their tea bags are biodegradable and natural, and are made from 100% cotton material and thread, eliminating the need for glue and staples. 

Harney & Sons

Located in Milnerton, New York, Harney & Sons was founded in 1983. Specializing in high-quality loose leaf teas and herbal teas, this third-generation family-owned company offers over 300 varieties. Harney & Sons have been a member of 1% For The Planet since 2006. Last year, they donated almost three and half a million dollars to various non-profit organizations via this initiative. 

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Their Milnerton and Soho stores feature a tasting bar and lounge where you can taste their special blends, indulge in a luscious lunch or design your own unique gifts. Served in Barnes & Noble Cafés and Four Seasons Hotels, they are representative of worldwide luxury. 

Photo from Harney & Sons

In addition to their classic teas, and innovations such as Hemp infused products or CBD teas, what really sets Harney & Sons apart is their collaborative collections. Invited by the Historic Royal Palaces of England to create a distinguished collection of English tea blends, their Historic Royal Palaces Collection features jewel-toned tins of unique blends. 

Their “The Met Collection” came about from a collaboration with the  Metropolitan Museum of Artin celebration of the re-launch of their British Galleries and 150th birthday. Blends from this collection sound as exquisite as the visuals on the container's artwork. Imagine being wafted away on the aromas of a “Hot Apple Spice Black Tea”, ‘Taste Of British History Blend’, or “Garden Therapy Herbal Tea”. 

Photo from Harney & Sons


Based in Brooklyn, New York, Bellocq Tea Atelier specializes in luxury, single-estate, whole leaf teas, and organic blends. In addition to its considerabletea collection, the boutique store sells an extensive range of other curated products. The store stocks everything from teapots and tea strainers to candles and incense, as well as books and épicerie

One of their most popular teas is a signature breakfast blend, No.1 Bellocq Breakfast. Consisting of malt, honey, and leather notes, this tea is a blend of organic Indian, Chinese, and Ceylon single-estate black teas. 

Image from Bellcq

In partnership with Tiffany & Co., Bellocq created a signature tea blend for the brand. The black tea and floral blend, named no.727 Tiffany Tea, is exclusively available through Tiffany & Co. The tea is served in all of Tiffany & Co.’s stores throughout the United States and Canada, including their flagship store’s Blue Box Cafe, set to open again in 2021, when the reinvention of the store at 727 Fifth Avenue will be completed. 

Drinking tea allows for greater mental health wellbeing, by creating an alert, but calm state of mind. It is the perfect complement when easing your mind. Reap the many benefits of drinking tea - curl up on the couch with a great book, your favorite cup and a crackling fireplace in the background. Complete this vision of coziness with a cashmere blanket to keep your feet warm, and you’re all set. 



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